Ministerial Study Program Enrollment

There will be a one time MSP student enrollment, please see below instructions:

Please Download and fill out application, follow instructions below.

Please ensure that the MSP Application is completely filled out and, specifically, includes:

• Student's signature

• Appointment of mentor (coach) with contact information (Leave Blank)

• Congregational Approval page contains signatures indicating approval

• Testimony attached

• Attach  Transcripts from Bible College 

• Check for $100.00 representing application fee mode payable to C&MA attached


• The Application is now ready to be sent to Metro School of Leadership & Ministry.



P.O. Box 403

Beachwood, NJ 08722

Attn: Registration 


Student will be registered with Metro School of Leadership and Ministry and Application will be sent to Metro District office for final approval by District Superintendent:

• Signature of District Superintendent


Metro District will send application to the Church Leadership Academy Office at the C&MA National Office.


Student will receive in the Mail a Student ID card from Church Leadership Academy Office, National Office or M.S.LM.