Schedule of Completion

All courses should be scheduled for completion within two years from the date of your application.  Requests for extensions should be made in writing to Metro School of Leadership & Ministry office for Metro District Superintendent’s approval. 


(1-101) Calling and Character
(1-102) Hermeneutics & Inductive Bible Study
(1-103) New Testament Theology
(1-104) Old Testament Theology
(1-205) Theology of Romans
(1-302) The Life of Christ



(2-201) Pastoral Care & Counselling
(2-202) Foundations of Belief 1
(2-203) Foundations of Belief 2                                                                                             

Alliance Values & Distinctives

(2-301) History of Christianity
(2-303) Evangelism in a Changing Culture
(2-305) Leadership & Authority
Specialized COURSES
(S-105) Disciplemaking:

Growing a Healthy Church

(S-204)  Alliance Polity and Pastoral Ethics
(S-206) Preaching Clinic Cohort
(S-304 ) World Missions


(E-101) Soul Care Conference                 
(E-102) SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory®) 

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 403

Beachwood, NJ 08722​

Tel: 732-703-7735​

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M.S.L.M. is a Leadership developmental program at L.W.C.C. in partnership with the Metro District of the C&MA  and C&MA Center Leadership Academy for men & women to be equipped for calling and service.

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