The Basic Training program is designed to prepare people in the local church for ministry. The church administers the program according to its needs. The local church becomes a “learning center” of the Church Leadership Academy. The local pastor, as a “center leader,” oversees the training of his leaders. Following are some basics of the course, the course description and responsibilities.

The Basic Training Program

Throughout the Basic Training program the student is introduced to the basic Bible knowledge, Bible study methods, doctrinal issues, principles of Christian living, and ministry skills he will need to effectively serve the Lord. The goal of the Basic Training program is to teach God’s people to minister. We are not as interested in what a student knows, as we are in what a student knows how to do. The student must be actively involved in some type of ministry. We encourage students to try various ministries, as they seek to find the best way for them to serve the Lord. Basic training consists of three elements: programmed materials, ministry projects and class discussion. All three are supervised and evaluated; together they form equal parts of a student’s training. Each student who completes the Basic Training program receives a Certificate of Church Leadership Studies.

Programmed Materials

The information portion of the training is provided through programmed texts. These books are the “teacher”. Developed in a spiraling curriculum, the books start on an elementary level with simple assignments and projects, and gradually move to a higher intensity level, requiring more time and thought, with advanced ministry assignments. This curriculum has been used effectively world wide to train new believers and mature Christians alike. The student’s progress in learning is evaluated through a written examination.

Ministry Projects

All Basic Training students are required to participate actively in ministry of the local church. The student not only must assimilate knowledge, but also must learn to put it into practice. Students contract with the center leader for the practical, measurable objectives they will strive to reach during each course. Their ministry is evaluated at the end of each course.

Class Discussion

The course content and ministry experiences of the students are brought together in the weekly class discussion. The focus of these guided discussions is on applying the course instruction to ministry in the local church setting.


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M.S.L.M. is a Leadership developmental program at L.W.C.C. in partnership with the Metro District of the C&MA  and C&MA Center Leadership Academy for men & women to be equipped for calling and service.

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