The MSP has been developed primarily for people who are aware of the call of God to full-time ministry, but who are unable to obtain their training through traditional educational institutions. It is also used by many others who, through the guidance and approval of their District, desire a self-study and coaching approach to their ministry preparation.
The Ministerial Study Program
The Ministerial Study Program (MSP) is designed to develop character and competency in skills for ministry. Though the student will gain knowledge, the emphasis of this course is on growing in Christ-like character and developing practical ministry skills. Candidates for the program must be approved by the local congregation and recommended by their respective district superintendent. The student will study under the supervision of a coach appointed by the district. MSP fulfills the academic requirements of The Christian and Missionary Alliance for licensing and ordination or consecration.
The typical candidate for the Ministerial Study Program has the following profile:
  • Has experienced a call to full-time ministry and is able to articulate that call.
  • Is willing to make a career change to follow God’s leading.
  • Is an experienced leader in a local Alliance church.
  • Gives evidence of having godly character and potential for the vocational ministry.
  • Is an active member of an Alliance church.
Enrollment Procedure
The cost to participate in the Ministerial Study Program is approximately $2,000. This includes a one time application fee to C&MA $100,and $100 tuition fee (per course), plus books and materials.
To enroll, a candidate contacts the office of the district in which he or she resides to request the MSP application packet. As an alternative, a prospective student can download the application packet. The packet contains:
  • Student application form
  • Congregational approval form
  • Schedule of course completion
  • Instructions
When the student has filled out the application form and has received approval from his congregation, the student sends these forms with the application fee to the District office. The District Superintendent must sign the application form to give his approval, and assign a coach to oversee the student’s progress. The district office then sends these completed forms to the Church Leadership Academy for processing. The Church Leadership Academy sends a Student Handbook to both the student and their coach with information and links to the online resources. The student and coach also receive a username and password to access the online resources and courses.
The Ministerial Study Program is not officially accredited by an accrediting association, nor is it a degree program. However, it is recognized by some Alliance schools, including Crown College, which will give 2/3 credit for MSP courses toward Crown College requirements. Students may take classes through the Crown Online Program and MSP simultaneously, or they may finish MSP first, and then complete their degree at Crown College. Either way, all classes will be counted toward Crown College requirements for purposes of GPA, course requirements and residency. If interested contact Crown College at (952) 446-4100) or
Transferring Credits
Students who have received some theological training at an accredited institution may receive credit for up to seven courses in MSP, upon submission of an official transcript of credits. For further information, please contact the Church Leadership Academy.

Other Transferring credits welcome at Metro School of Leadership and Ministry


M.S.L.M. is transfer-credit friendly. That means we accept transfer credits from Basic Training – Life of Christ with Center Leadership Academy C&MA, Metro District Pathways and Empower Metro District year 1 & Proclaim year 3. You must have completed certificate for year 1 Empower. There will be a processing fee of $45 per class transferred.

The following classes will transfer into MSLM program.

  • Please Include College Transcripts when Applying to MSP

CLA Basic Training Life of Christ –NO FEE (Must have completed 6 books and earned certificate)

(1-205) Theology of Romans 

(1-302) The Life of Christ

Empower Year 1

(1-103) New Testament Theology     (New Testament Survey)

(1-104) Old Testament Theology       (Old Testament Survey)

(S-304) World Missions *Also, must attend 1 Metro District Mission Conference (Community and Mission of the Church)

Empower Year 3 Proclaim (Must have completed full year with documentation from Empower that course has been completed).

(S-206) Preaching Clinic Cohort 


Metro District Pathways (Must have documentation from Metro District that module has been completed).

(S-204) Alliance Polity and Pastoral Ethics    (Polity Module)

(2-203) Foundations of Belief 2: Alliance Values & Distinctives (4 -Modules must be completed -Savior, Sanctifier, Healer & Coming King)

(S-304) World Missions *Also, must attend 1 Metro District Mission Conference   (Missions Module)

Additional Information
For more information on study methods, course assessments, and registration for courses, download the Quick Guide to the MSP or visit the Church Ministries Online Learning site.

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M.S.L.M. is a Leadership developmental program at L.W.C.C. in partnership with the Metro District of the C&MA  and C&MA Center Leadership Academy for men & women to be equipped for calling and service.

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